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Community Life

We reside with our family, spouse, companion, or by ourselves.  Each week we meditate on a point from our rule, study a Marian Message from our founder, and a collection of spiritual sayings called, “The Pearls of the Community of the Mother of Jesus.”

We attend the Eucharist with other members of our Community. Each month we meet with a spiritual companion, and with other CMJ members for prayer, study, and recreation. We gather for quarterly community days, and for an Annual Gathering that is our business meeting, retreat, and the time to advance members within the ranks of our Community. Our “superior general” is called the Steward Guardian. Our founder, Br. Stephen C. Wetmore, CMJ is our current Steward Guardian.

The CMJ at our Annual Gathering, 2021

The CMJ at our Annual Gathering, Woodstock Illinois

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