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Our Prayer Life

At the heart of our prayer life is the time we spend each day in quiet contemplation with God. We make our entire day a prayer of praise to God and recite the Daily Office for the church, the world, and especially for our neighbors who are in need. At least once a week we attend the Eucharist. Each day we silently greet ourselves and people we meet with the words of Jesus: “Peace be with you.”

Our community has a special friendship with Mary, Jesus' mother. We address her as “Our Lady of Cana,” and pray a litany to her that is drawn from passages in the New Testament.

We meditate on the rosary at least three times a week often online as a community, and often use four unique rosaries that are named after our vows. These special rosaries use passages from Sacred Scripture to direct our hearts as we pray each bead. We also reflect weekly on our Pearls. Our community Pearls are a unique set of wisdom teachings first created by our founder. Each one is designed  to draw us closer to God by connecting us to the divine found within ourselves and those around us.  

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