Daily Office

Every day the members of the Community of the Mother of Jesus pray three hours of the Divine Office: Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline. We start each hour with the words: “May Jesus and His Dear Mother be with us on our journey.” This is followed by a period of silence before we begin the Office in the usual format. We do this so we can think of the other members of the CMJ as we start our prayer, as well as any neighbor who is in need whom we want to hold in our heart as we pray. We also observe periods of silence at the end of each psalm, and after the reading from Sacred Scripture. At the conclusion of each hour we add: “May the needy not be forgotten, or the hope of the poor be in vain.”  In their private praying of the Divine Office members may select the version of the Office that best meets their life of prayer.

There are some wonderful online tools for praying the daily office such as these: