The Rule - Mary's Way of Discipleship

This Rule is divided into ten “ways” with each “way” having three points.

The Way of the Annunciation

  • Each day make everything you do, think, or say, a prayer to God so that you can be attentive to God’s breaking into your day.

  • Say often: “I am your servant, O Lord. Let it be done to me as you say.”

  • Practice the virtue of humility so you can walk each day with God.

The Way of the Visitation

  • Go in loving service to the lowly, the hungry, and those who cannot see the holiness of God.

  • Greet the needy and the lowly with the joy in your soul so that the Holy Spirit may also fill them and uphold them.

  • Practice the virtue of justice and find joy in God your savior.

The Way of the Nativity

  • Each day journey to wherever and whomever God leads you.

  • Practice the virtue of tenderness so you can give to others the love of the Word Made Flesh.

  • Give to Jesus all that is in your heart: its gold; its frankincense; its myrrh; and its sorrows.

The Way of the Presentation

  • Each day present yourself before God by praying the prayers of your community so as to sanctify your day.

  • Cherish the Eucharist and attend it weekly so you can be fed by the One who is the light of all nations.

  • Pray the Rosary at least three times a week so as to find the Word of God within you.

The Way of the Finding in the Temple

  • Reflect and ponder often on the Good News of the Gospels.

  • Sit with others in your community to study, question, and reflect, so you might grow in wisdom and grace.

  • Treasure in your heart the words the teachers and leaders in your community speak to you so as to encounter the Wisdom of God.

The Way of Cana

  • Be watchful for the needs of others even when life is festive.

  • With Mary present to Jesus the needs of others.

  • Follow Mary’s instructions and do whatever Jesus tells you.

The Way of Calvary

  • Walk with those who suffer and be present to them.

  • Behold those Jesus entrusts to you and care for them.

  • When others hurt you, speak in your heart the words of Jesus: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

The Way of the Resurrection

  • Let the words of Jesus: “Peace be with you,” ring in your heart. Each day wish yourself that peace.

  • In the silence of your heart wish to those you see the Peace of Jesus.

  • Invite Jesus to walk by your side each day to open your heart.

The Way of Pentecost

  • Pray often for the flaming fire of the Holy Spirit to fill you and use you.

  • Pray in community for the Holy Spirit to guide you.

  • Proclaim God’s loving care for the foreigners in your midst.

The Way of the Desert

  • Practice the vow of contemplation so you can look at God who delights in looking at you and caring for you.

  • Each day go to a desert like place to be alone in loving stillness with God.

  • At the end of each day let God refresh you and thank God for the people and events of your day.

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