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Our Habit


We wear our civilian clothes so as to be in common dress like those we serve. We have a full length habit for liturgical settings, special occasions, and for when it enables us to serve our neighbors in need. Our habit consists of a light gray robe, a royal blue scapular, with a matching rope cincture. Members may wear a Marian medal of their choice over the scapular. A rosary is worn by those who have professed final vows. A blue or gray caplet, called a mozetta may be worn for special occasions or for extra warmth. Our novices wear our gray robe with a blue collar and a Marian medal

The gray robe is a symbol of the wedding garment of the gospels and is also a reminder of the baptismal garment, helping us to call to mind that our vowed life is rooted in our baptismal covenant. The blue scapular is worn as a sign that we are a Community under the patronage of the Mother of God. The scapular is Mary’s gift to religious life. The blue rope or cincture is a sign that we both bind ourselves to Christ and to one another in our religious community. The two knots at the end of the cincture symbolize the Old and the New Testament.

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