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Life for Novices

A Novice is a prospective member of a religious order who is being tried and being proven for suitability of admission to the community. After initial contact with the CMJ, and after a period of time as a postulant (a period of candidacy in which initial discernment takes place), the person will be received as a novice in a ceremony that involves being clothed with the novitiate habit. The novice's habit is slightly different from those of our professed members. 

Novices are not admitted to vows until they have successfully completed the prescribed period of training and discernment, called the novitiate. This usually lasts at least two years. 

All Novices are asked to:

  • Attend the Eucharist weekly

  • Pray the Rosary twice weekly

  • Meet monthly with one’s Spiritual Companion within the Community

  • Observe the Quarterly Community Day

  • Attend the Annual Gathering


1st year Novices Include

  • Weekly study of the novice manual

  • Daily praying one hour of the Daily Office


2nd year Novices Include

  • Monthly assigned readings

  • Daily praying one hour of the Daily Office and Compline

  • Ministry to those to whom God sends you to


At the end of Novitiate Before First Vows novices are asked to:

  • Complete a three day spiritual retreat

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