Life of the Professed

All Professed Members

            These are divided into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly practices. Any of the individual observances may also be done with other members of the Community of the Mother of Jesus. Some make it a part of their routine to do one weekly practice each day.

Daily Practices

  • Lauds or Morning Prayer

  • Vespers or Evening Prayer

  • Compline or Night Prayer (all are taken from the Office of the Member’s own choice, with addendum of special CMJ prayers)

  • A period of silent contemplation


Weekly Practices

  • Attend the Eucharist

  • Pray the Rosary three times

  • Hospitality and one’s ministry to the needy

  • Performance of one’s community job

  • Litany of Our Lady of Cana

  • Reflection on one point from Mary’s Way of Discipleship

  • Reflection on one Pearl from the Pearls of the Community of the Mother of Jesus


Monthly Practices

  • Meeting with Spiritual Companion for Prayer, Study, and Reflection

  • Reading from assigned bibliography

  • Office, meal and recreation with other CMJs

      Quarterly Practices

  • Hour of Silent Prayer in Church (offered for CMJs and those to whom God sends us to serve)

  • Read and ponder the Marian Message from our founder

  • A Community Day (that includes a chapter of affirmation stating what went right, and what went wrong)


Yearly Practices

  • Attend the Annual Gathering

  • Write and send A Year of Grace Letter to the Steward Guardian (to be written on the anniversary of one’s acceptance as an Aspirant).


In the last year of Annual Vows before Final Vows

  • Five day silent retreat