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Life for Postulants

A Postulant is someone who is asking for admission into a Christian community or religious order for the period of time preceding their admission into the novitiate or someone seeking ordination to the diaconate or priesthood.


In each stage of advancement within our religious community, there are practices that we seek to observe. This is so that each postulant, novice, and professed member is able to live our community’s life of being disciples of the Risen One, by following the example of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  These practices that are to be observed grow as one advances through the ranks of our order. Except for the curriculum of study in each stage, any postulant or novice is free to adopt into their daily or weekly routine the schedule for prayer and contemplation that is required of professed members.

All Postulants are asked to:

  • Attend the Eucharist weekly

  • Study the Postulant Manual

  • Meet monthly with one’s Spiritual Companion within the Community

  • Pray the Rosary weekly

  • Observe the Quarterly Community Day

  • Attend the Annual Gathering of the Community

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