How to Join

Membership in our community is open to any adult communicant in the Episcopal Church. Our community is in communion with the Episcopal Church and the See of Canterbury. We welcome both women and men to join us regardless of age, health, citizenship, sexual orientation, marital or socio-economic status. The motto for our way of life is the words the Mother of Jesus spoke to the stewards at the wedding feast: “Do whatever He tells you.”


Pray and Reflect

Pray often asking for the wisdom to know if God is calling you to join the Community of the Mother of Jesus. Read our Rule, “Mary’s Way of Discipleship.” Reflect on it with a spiritual director or member of our community to discern if it resonates with your soul.

Obtain an Application

Kindly email our Steward Guardian, Br. Stephen Wetmore, CMJ, at or our vocation director, Br. Jason LaFollett, CMJ at with any inquiries. They'll be glad to hear from you, answer any questions you may have, and supply an application. 

You may also request an application by writing:

Stephen C. Wetmore, CMJ
The Community of the Mother of Jesus
7529 N Claremont Ave #1
Chicago, IL 60645-1501 

Complete the Application

It will ask for biographical information and ask you to answer questions about your own unique spiritual journey. There is also a form for you to sign to authorize a criminal records background check.

Documents to Send Us

  • Letter of Recommendation from your pastor or spiritual director;

  • Letters of Recommendation from three friends;

  • Letters of Support from your spouse, fiancé or partner;

  • A recent photo of you;

  • Your resume or curriculum vitae;

  • A recent copy of your Baptismal Certificate;

  • A $50.00 non refundable application fee made out to the Community of the Mother of Jesus.

Send Us Your Materials

Send us your completed application and all the documents we have requested from you. Please note that your materials may not be faxed to us. You may give them to one of us in person, or you may snail mail them to the address provided above.

A Time to Share

After we have reviewed your application we will contact you to arrange a series of meetings with you. You will be asked to share your life story with a member of our Community and to prayerfully discuss everything you sent us. The two of you will draft a joint statement on the highlights and conclusions of you meetings. This statement is attached to your application and sent to the Steward Guardian, who is the head of our Community.

Meet our Steward Guardian

After the Steward Guardian receives the statement that is attached to your application the two of you will meet to prayerfully discuss all the materials he has received. By the end of this meeting the two of you will know: that you can be accepted as a postulant of the CMJ’s; or that you may become a postulant of the CMJ’s after you complete specific goals; or that God is calling you to a different religious community

Criminal Records Check

After you meet with the Steward Guardian and have his permission to proceed, we will ask for a criminal records background check to be done on you. You will be asked to contact Oxford Documents who will conduct this check for you and for us. We will bill you for this background check. The results of the background check will be sent to our Steward Guardian.

The Certification

Our Steward Guardian will sit down with you and share the results of the Criminal Background Check. If there are no surprises in the background check that need addressing, the Steward Guardian will celebrate a short rite with you that names you as a Postulant of the Community of the Mother of Jesus. Then the two of you will complete the certificate that shows you have been accepted as an Postulant. You will also be given your own copy of the Postulant Study Guide to study. The Steward Guardian will assign you a spiritual companion to help you with it.

The Invitation

Upon your completion of the Postulant Study Guide, and after you have been an Postulant for at least three months,  the Steward Guardian will issue you a formal invitation to become a Novice of our Community at the next Annual Gathering of the Community of the Mother of Jesus.

A Summary Note

This application journey has been constructed so that you are involved in every step of the process. In this way there should be no surprises. Ultimately this journey is about what God is doing in your heart and what God is asking of us as the Community of the Mother of Jesus.