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Community Companions

Do you want to be involved in the apostolate of our Community, but not as a vowed member? Do you want to really be of help to one of our postulants, novices, or professed members? Then, consider becoming a Companion of The Community of the Mother of Jesus. A Companion is a relative, personal friend, parishioner, or a person who lives in the same geographic area as a postulant, novice, or professed member of this Community. A Companion is a person who desires to support the Community through prayer, friendship, acts of service to the neighbors who are in need, and quarterly financial gifts to this Community. Companions gather frequently with the postulant, novice, or professed member in their area for prayer, fellowship, and Christian service projects. A Companion must be at least eighteen years of age and need not be a member of The Episcopal Church.


Each Companion is asked to pray this prayer each day:

“O Lady of Cana, I come before you to pray for the family of the Community of the Mother of Jesus. Help the novices and professed members to be people of justice, tenderness, humility, and contemplation, who serve the neighbor in need. Help those whom God is calling to this Community to hear and answer 'yes' to that call. Help me and all the Companions to be the Spirit-filled people God is calling us to be and become. In the power of Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen."


As a Companion you are

  • Remembered in the prayers and acts of Christian service of the members of this Community;

  • Invited to attend our Annual Gathering held in the Fall of the year;

  • Encouraged to pray the Marian Rosary and the Litany of Our Lady of Cana once each month;

  • Encouraged to embrace and follow our Rule, Mary's Way of Discipleship, to the best of your ability;

  • Invited to local events of this Community;  

  • Requested to make a quarterly financial gift to The Community of the Mother of Jesus.


To become a Companion of the Community, either speak to the postulant, novice, or professed member who lives in your area whom you know, or contact us via this website and ask to become a Companion.


May Jesus and his dear Mother be with you on your journey!

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