We rejoice that you have chosen to visit us! Our mission is to minister to our neighbors who are in need. We also raise our voice to call on society and institutions to share from their abundance with those without.

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For those who seek a Saviour
we lead them to the Stable
To the One who was born
To bring freedom
For those who seek Assurance
we lead them to the Light
To the One who opens eyes
to understanding
God's Word
For those who seek Forgiveness
We lead them to a Grace
beyond comprehension
To wholeness

Check It Out!


Chicago Catholic, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Chicago, published an article on Maryville's St. Monica Recovery Home and their good work and ministry-- and features Br. Jonathan Wheat, CMJ! Read the article here.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests received through this site may not be acknowledged in writing, but be assured that we are remembering them in our community.

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